jess + adam | cooke forest pennsylvania elopement.


most couples tell us they either want a very small gathering for their wedding, shared only with their closest loved ones, or, they want to scream their vows from the rooftops and share it with the rest of the world.  when jessica and adam first met with us, they were conflicted by wanting a little bit of both – an intimate moment with only a handful of people, and an open party concept, with tons of friends and family to celebrate their love. after a few meetings, it was pretty clear to us that, much like a This American Life episode, their wedding would be in two acts... act one: on september 14th, the couple said "i do" at a beautifully planned and executed small elopement in the middle of a thick, mossy opening of cook forest. it was a photographer’s dream!  light filtering through the canopies and so much texture and color to work with, this place rivaled much of the pacific northwest.

act two: a casual, laid-back reception with family and friends at seventh son brewing co. the industrial setting, coupled with a touch of local vendors (swoop food cart catered followed by short north bagel deli cart) and a few intimate details made it for the perfect spot for their reception.  however, the fact that this happens to be the couple’s local pub where they went to plan out their wedding made it so much memorable for them.

all in all, jess and adam’s multi-day wedding proved that you can have the best of both worlds. we hope you enjoy the photo selections!

gretchen + adam | alley park woods wedding.

it's so hard to keep up with the blog these days, but we're hoping to get more weddings on here soon!  here's one from last year that came to us somewhat last minute, and it's become one of our personal favorites. this happened to be the weekend right after the insane wind storm that swept across the midwest, knocking out power for days... their venue, the alley park nature education center, was one of these places. but these guys toughed it out, got emergency generators and had one heck of a homemade wedding. it was one of the hottest days of the summer, but that didn't matter. as you can see, everything came together for a beautiful day.  ps. how cool is it to get married under a historical covered bridge?