stop motion. 2013.


holy smokes, this has been one epic year of travel! it started in late winter on a trip to the oregon coast, then off to las vegas for our annual WPPI conference and a quick trip to the grand canyon (we fell in love with arizona!).  we celebrated our 10-year anniversary as a couple hiking the sleeping bear sand dunes and kayaking lake superior on michigan's upper peninsula.  our clients took us to chicago, cooke forest, and a north carolina vineyard wedding off the blue ridge mountains.  and finally, the year ended with a trip to maui on a family vacation that we will never forget. however, being away so much made us realize just how lucky we are to have our home here, surrounded with so many loving friends and family.  we are so thankful for your unconditional love and support, and for the best clients we could possibly ask for.  not to mention, we love coming home to the purrs and snuggles of two adorable kittens we adopted this year, alfie and miso.

on a professional level, we tried to push ourselves to the limit with how we approach photography. our  motto has always been to give the best customer service above all else.  but this year, we really wanted to push that more and take on a collaborative approach.  we saw each project as a way to work with our clients, molding their ideas with our vision and style.  the results have been so rewarding for both us, and them.

below is a sampling of work done for aperture this year, as well as a few personal photo projects sprinkled in from our travels.  also, please click here to see one of our favorite engagement sessions we've done thus far - a stop-motion movie "save-the-date". we hope you enjoy these, and we cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

love, h & p

learning from las vegas.


[note: for all of you architecture enthusiasts out there, yes this is a direct shout-out to robert venturi's 1972 'learning from las vegas'] 

paul and i attended WPPI for the first time this year, not knowing what to expect and expecting everything all at the same time. we crammed as many platform classes as we could in two days, and left one day for shooting and exploring.  the highlights of the platform classes include sessions from elizabeth messina and jose villa, a packed photographer's ignite program, and the party of the century thanks to airplanes and blazers.

however, the day we spent exploring was just as important as the days we spent learning from other photographers.  it allowed us to focus more on us, hone in on our craft and style, and really get back into why we fell in love with photography in the first place. we came back felling inspired, recharged and excited for this year's shoots, weddings and portrait sessions.

here's a photographic recap of our trip, along with a few things we have to keep reminding ourselves along the way.  we've skipped the boring business / editing stuff, but if you're curious shoot us an email and we'd be happy to share.


1. shoot for yourself.  the stronger your connection with what you are trying to capture, the stronger the photograph.


2. photography is just as much about light as it is composition.


3. don't forget to take self-portraits.  documenting everything includes yourself.


4. consider perspective.  shoot macro and micro.


5. above all else, have fun.