shauna + sean | rustic chic via vecchia winery wedding


This one's from the archives, but we absolutely love the amazing amount of details and thought that went into almost every single part of this wedding experience... From the bottom of the bride's shoes, to that amazing sweet's table, absolutely everything was stunning!  Shauna and Sean were married a few years back, but this one still keeps on coming up as a favorite . Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

amanda + ben | blue ridge mountain north carolina vineyard wedding.


amanda and ben had thought of and planned for just about everything for their north carolina vineyard wedding, except for the surprise pop-up thunderstorm that happened to go down exactly for the duration of their outdoor ceremony.  but what's amazing about these two is that no matter what happened on their day, they stayed focused on what really mattered for them: the fact that they threw a big party and invited their closest family and friends, simply because they love each other. this story is something we love sharing with our clients, simply because this wedding is a true testament to love and laughter. it's easy to fret over the small stuff, stress over the detail, wonder if you should have picked a different font for your programs, worry about seating charts, weather, thank-you gifts, timelines, and the list goes on and on... but in the end, these are all minor moments and details. because what's most important is the person saying "i do" right next to you... who'll laugh through the pouring rain, who'll say "you're beautiful" even though every part of you is drenched, and who'll be the first to point out that beautiful rainbow once the clouds part and sun comes pouring in.

we hope you enjoy this selection of photographs.  rain or shine, the smiles on these two could not be broken.