angela petrova | franklin park conservatory lifestyle portraits.


angie is one of my oldest best friends. she and I were born four months apart in small towns in macedonia. our parents would often get together for family gatherings or for a small visit, and we'd relish in those moments. we grew up running around in the fields of eastern europe, chasing our dreams and playing tag all at the same time. we looked forward to sleepovers and would often hide from everyone when it was time to go, hoping we could just stay together just a little while longer. all in all, the story of angie is very similar to the story of me. we both immigrated to the united states within a year of each other. we went to the same high school. went moved to the east coast for college during the same years [she to DC and I to NYC]. we both graduated and moved back to columbus at the same time, where, two years later, we did a 3-year post graduate program in the same city. we've been living parallel lives, and through it all, we've shared a lifetime together. 

so when angie approached me about shooting a "milestone birthday" shoot for her [she turned 30 in October] I naturally said, "only if we make it into a day-long hang out session." between lunch at north star cafe and some yummy pumpkin bread and lattes, we managed to make columbus our playground, running around from the short north, to the franklin park conservatory and some downtown warehouses alike. here are some of my favorites from the shoot. her laughter is contagious... I can hear her hearty laugh coming through some of these photos.  happy 30th angie... I can't wait to celebrate mine with you in a few months.  hristina