sneak peek | lebanese + lithuanian cleveland wedding.

we had the pleasure of shooting some amazing weddings so far this May, and we wanted to share a handful of sneak peek photos of two of them.  our clients' personalities and sense of aesthetic are a big part of how we approach our photography. we are interested in telling their story through our collaborative approach: with coordinated location scouting, and discussion about light and atmosphere. we want to give our clients a glimpse into our creative endeavors, make it meaningful  for us and them, and leave them with a piece of art. these two weddings went through the same collaborative process, however the contrast of the two sneak peeks couldn't be more apparent. and we couldn't be more thrilled with either of them. we hope you enjoy...


sneak peek one :: a few dreamy shots of megan & eugene's rustic, woodsy, romantic stroll through high banks park

04. megan + eugene-009

04. megan + eugene-029

04. megan + eugene-037

04. megan + eugene-007

04. megan + eugene-050



sneak peek two :: jessica and matt's laid back Lebanese/Lithuanian multi-cultural party, with the urban, rust-belt, Cleveland backdrops of abandoned rail yards and bridges... stay tuned for a more in-depth blog of this one soon.


stop motion. 2010.


2010 was a year of creative, personal and professional growth. and we are amazed at how energized we feel.  we are especially grateful to all of the wonderful people we've met along the way and whose friendship we hold so dear.  a big heartfelt thanks to our friends and family, our clients [past, present and future], to our readers and supporters, and everyone else out there who's given us us hugs, music, support, inspiration and endless love. 2011 is already shaping up to be an incredible year, with a line-up of some amazingly creative couples and a trip portland in late spring.  here's to a good year, great friends and absolute bliss.   h & p