stop motion. 2012.

whoa, how are we almost one month into the new year already? we can hardly believe 2012 has come and gone. it was a year we definitely won't forget. aperture has grown exponentially. we've met some of the most amazing clients who've given us the opportunity to shoot in new york city, lakeside, in the woods, in a vineyard, on a vegan farm by lake erie, right under chagrin falls, as well as tons of other little picturesque towns across the midwest. we've also taken up a few more personal projects this year. paul is now playing in two bands, and is setting up his screen printing studio. hristina has started to put together her darkroom, and is working on travel grants and setting up gallery exhibits for a series of personal projects for 2013.

we are so incredibly blessed with our family and friends, who are a force of constant love, support and inspiration. and a special thank you to all of our clients, past and present. we wish you all a new year full of happiness, wonder and absolute bliss. we couldn't do any of this without you... below are a handful of our favorites from 2012. h & p