hristina + paul | it's our anniversary!


I rarely blog personal posts on here, but this year we decided we should start sharing more of our lives with you all.  You trust us with your story and open up your lives to us, so it only makes sense that we do the same. And it would be fitting to post a little something about our anniversary. Today marks 6 years of married bliss for us, and this upcoming august we'll be celebrating 12 years as a couple. And I wouldn't change a thing about it!

We first met in 1997, working at a camera shop while we were both in high school.  I also had a huge crush on Paul and knew of him through mutual friends we shared (they all played music together). However, at the end of 1997 he moved to Pittsburg to pursue a degree in photography at the art institute, and in 1999 i moved to New York City for college as well. It wasn't until I visited during a summer a few years later that we reconnected. And in 2003, when I moved back permanently it was a matter of 2 months and we were inseparable.

Over the past 12 years together we've done so much and grown leaps and bounds, as individuals and as a couple. We welcomed our niece and nephews into the world and have watched them grow. We've celebrated in the union of countless of friends and family (some of which we've had the honor of capturing for them). In 2009 we started Aperture together and were amazed at how easy it was to move into the roles of business owners and entrepreneurs. In 2011 we bought our 1921 craftsman style home and adopted two feline fur-balls. We've taken countless of mini trips, camped at least once a year for the past 12 years, visited national parks, honeymooned in Maui, swam in underground caves in Mexico, chased after sunsets, went antiquing until our legs hurt from walking, explored the Upper Peninsula, kayaked the Pictured Rocks National Coastline,  snorkeled the island of Molekini, watched the sun rise over a volcano, and so much more.

We've also had our share of sorrows, losing loved ones in our family and losing our son late last year. However, I think it speaks to the strength of our relationship that during these moments we've come together stronger as a couple. The saying "may your joys be doubled and your sorrows halved" couldn't be more true when you've got a life partner along for the ride. We look to these moments as teaching elements, taking away the importance of being present and in the moment for those you love the most.  There's a Devendra Banhart song titled "Baby" that we both love, and the lyrics as the end speak so much to how we look at our life together:

"You showed me, a sunset overflowing

But who cares where it's going

As long as you're next to me..."